Our School Website

The Robert Hitcham's website has been running for about 10 years. It was created and built by Andrew Trythell - who left the school Summer 2007. It has become one of the largest and most popular school websites in the World!

6 of the most popular sections on the Hitcham's website appear on the top list of a google search - see images.

Type the word 'mosque' into google and the Hitcham's website comes 2nd on a list of over 5 million references! Skeletons is 5th, Habitats is 3rd, Synagogues 8th, Indian Art 4th and Phonics 3rd.

We know that the site gets nearly 1.5 million 'hits' a year. During term time there are over 5000 hits per day and on average about 30,000 a week. People have visited the website from 113 countries.

20% of the visitors to the website come from google. In other words people using a search engine to look for teaching / learning resorces are referred by google to our website. Most of the others are referals from other education websites such as 'teachingideas'.

We are able to track the popularity of the website and particular sections / pages thanks to a detailed tracker from a company called 'Hitmatic'. This information is helping me understand which parts of the site are worth adding to / updating. I can also use these popular pages to make links to other new sections of the site - which I hope will become equally popular.

The popularity of the website depends mainly on the quality of the resources so it is important to keep these up to date. It is fascinating to know that so many people from around Britain and the rest of the World make use of our website and reassuring that the work put into creating the content of the site is worthwhile.