Stop-go Animation

As part of an activity week on SPACE the children have created their own stop-go animations in the style of Wallace and Gromit.

They bulit a simple set using cardboard and a moonscape piture. They used lego and plasticine to make space men, aliens and spacecraft.

A digital camera with mini tripod was used to take about 200 images. Space sound effects were created (using percussion intruments) and recorded using digital sound recorders. Other sounds were downloaded from the internet: televisiontunes.com

Everything was put together on 'Windows movie maker'. The children had great fun adding film style credits. The finished projects were saved as media files. An example below - see more on our events blog.

ICT and Cricket Coaching

One of our Year 6 boys is a talented cricketer. He wanted to make a series of films which might help others learn the techniques of cricket. We have taken digital photos, video clips, sound recordings and key terminolgy and put them together using 'Windows Movie Maker'.

Using films like this is a great way of recording physical skills. The finished films can be played over and over again to illustrate the techniques. They can also act as coaching exemplars for teachers.

Below is an examples of Alfie's cricket films. See our Events Blog for more.