Embedding ICT in the Curriculum

What does embedded mean?

Children should be able to use ICT in their learning without needing separate 'computer' lessons. In the same way that children should know when to use a calculator in maths, ICT should fit seamlessly into the curriculum. Ideally children should not need to leave their classroom in order to use ICT. The use of laptops, classroom computers, the IWB, digital cameras, data loggers, electronic toys etc should all be part of everyday lessons. ICT does not need to become a trip to the 'computer room'.
At Robert Hitcham's we have just started using an online resource called iTeachers. It is a complete ICT scheme of work and software training tool for primary school teachers.

iTeachers is a suite of over 200 video tutorials - iLessons - combined with drag and drop planning grids - iPlans- designed to revolutionise how you teach your entire ICT curriculum.

*give teachers lacking in ICT confidence the skills and ideas to teach cross-curricular ICT.
*ensure that ICT across the school is fully embedded into the curriculum.
*help schools to get full value for money from their existing ICT investment.
*save teachers hours and hours of trawling the internet as well as hours of planning time.
*raise standards of ICT teaching and learning.

The tutorials are great. They would be useful for both teachers and children to look at.

See sample lesson plan

See demo of the site

We would recommend that you have a look at this site. ICT really should be embedded into the Primary curriculum and I am sure that iTeachers could help you do this. At Robert Hitcham's we are looking at making links between our existing curriculum plans and the ICT resources in iTeachers.