Wireless Mouse and Keyboard

A wireless mouse and keyboard set (by a company called Gyration)
is a great way of making an IWB more interactive. The teacher can become more mobile and the children can use the mouse or keyboard on their own desk. They work via a small radio transmitter plugged into a USB port on the classroom computer. It has a range of 30 feet so can be used anywhere in a classroom and because it is radio transmitted is not effected by obstructions - as an infared would be. The set only costs about £80 - a small price to pay compared with the cost of the board. At Sir Robert Hitcham's we have put a set into every classroom in order to make our whiteboards more interactive.

The keyboard is battery operated - they last for about 12 months. The mouse has an inbuilt rechargeable battery like a mobile phone. Once charged it lasts all day - just leave it on the charger when not in use.

The lack of wires across the teachers desk is a great benefit.

The mouse can also be operated in the air by using a trigger underneath it. This makes it very useful in larger spaces such as school halls. The keyboard also has internet and media control keys - useful with videos and music.
I have found the gyration mouse and keyboard a very useful tool in assemblies and presentations.
If you use the typing function on your interactive whiteboard the keyboard enables you to write on the board from anywhere inthe classroom. It can also be used by the children to enter data or numerical answers on to programs on the IWB.