Data Logging

At Robert Hitcham's we use Logit Explorers data loggers.

They have 3 basic functions: temperature, light and sound.

You can also buy extra sensors such as heart rate monitors and temperature probes.

Children find them easy to use. They come with software which enables you to transfer data on to a computer / laptop.

Logit also gives you a booklet of suggested activities.

There are lots of uses for data loggers in Science, Maths, Geography and Physical Education. See some suggested activities on Kent's NGFL Website

Logit Explorers are made by Logotron - see their website

You can get Logit Data loggers with Tesco vouchers this year

Each one is 7500 vouchers - see Tesco website
You can also get accessories from the Tesco catalogue such as heat probe for 500 vouchers.

This short video shows children using data loggers to record their resting pulse in a science leson.