Audio Recording

At Robert Hitchams we have been using a high quality sound recorder by Edirol. It has stereo microphones and records in MPS format. We have several R1 versions - see pictures. Edirol now make a smaller R9 model (left).
They have a flash memory (like a memory stick) and you can transfer the files with a USB cable straight on to a computer. The files can then be played using Media Player or Real Player. You can also edit them in Movie Maker.

At Robert Hitchams we use them regularly in Liteacy lessons for recording children's speech - in poetry, debates or language development.

Watch the video below of a child using a sound recorder in a literacy lesson.

We have also made use of them for recording narrations to go with presentations in a range of subjects such as science or geography.

The quality of recordings is very useful in Music. The children can record their performances and replay them.
We have recorded choirs and instrumental groups. The staff have also found the Edirol very useful for recording backing music for school productions. Listen to the examples below of piano and keyboard recordings. One of our teachers recorded the piano music which would be used in the KS1 & KS2 Christmas productions. The recordings were transfered onto CDs which were given to each class to practise with.
The MPS recorder can be set to different settings such as voice or in a hall.

These audio recorders are not cheap - over £250 but I believe they are worth it because of their versatility, portability and high quality. They use two AA batteries which last for several hours of recording. Each recording is saved as a separate file. Rather like taking digital photos the children can make multiple recordings and keep chosen ones on the computer.

The recorders do not have speakers but you can listen to recordings with headphone or via your computer (with a USB cable).

Look at the Edirol website for further information.