Album Art Work and Design by Year 6 Children

As part of our topic on 'Inspirational People' we have been studying the work of The Beatles. As well as their incredible music, they produced some original design ideas. The Beatles were the first musicians to have their own videos, animations and cartoons - The Yellow Submarine for example.

The artist who created The Beatles Yellow Submarine characters and film was called Jack Stokes.
He died this week aged 92. Click on his photo below to see an obituary.

Their album cover designs are still being imitated by musicians today.
The album cover below by Blur has copied the Beatles Let it Be along with the animations of Yellow Submarine.

The children of class DB took photographs of each other and turned them (using Paint Shop Pro) into animated drawings on a tablet computer screen.

Each member of the class choose a group of friends to put together an imaginary band. Using Publisher, an album cover was designed. It includes all sorts of details such as track names, record company, logos and credits.
This one below is designed by Jacob Gravelius.

Jacob quickly became skilled at using this pop art technique and develop his own particular style of portrait. He drew portraits of every member of the class. You can see them all in the video below.