Programming with SCRATCH

Children in year 6 have been learn computer programming. They have been using a piece of software called SCRATCH. It is free (see link below). On it they learn how to put code together - lists of instructions. The aim is to make a character (sprite) perform actions linked with a keyboard. Using Scratch you can create your own animations and ultimately your own games.

Click on the cat above to go to a website where you can download the Scratch program to your own computer - it is FREE!

Example of some code created by Sam in Class DB.
Sam and Ronnie have created their own game. It has various characters and levels. It also has a scoring system and credits. You can watch a video demo below of their game.
Below are some of the characters. You can even import your own.

Sam and Ronnie have written some very clever code. For example, below is part of their gravity code. In other words they can make a character jump and fall back down.