Rivers Project - Photographs

As part of a study on rivers we have taken photographs of the various stages of our local river: The Ore. Its source is just outside Framlingham at Saxstead Green. It passes close to the school, the castle and winds its way through Framlingham. Some of our photos show that some of the streets have names associated with the river.

These photographs where used by the children to form a film (using 'Movie Maker') about the stages of a river. See other posts about the use of digital sound and video.

The River Ore passes through other Suffolk villages such as Parham, Hacheston, Marlesford and Snape. At Snape it joins with the River Alde and goes close to the town of Aldeburgh. It then runs parallel with the coast for several miles. It reaches the town of Orford where it is again called the Ore. It runs alongside a shingle spit called Orford Ness for a few more miles before finally reaching the North Sea at a place called Shingle Street.

There is a very useful website called WATERSCAPE where you can interact with a map of the UK to follow the route of any river.